Monday, April 21, 2008


It was a really really LOOONNNGGG & BAAADDDD day, and at the end of it i badly needed a HUG! That's my official excuse!
Hay! Hay! Hay! I don't know what got to me really, it was such a stupid thing to i don't know why i did it! :( I want to throw up everytime i think about it! But what the hey! it's over and done! everybody witnessed it, there's even some stupid pics to remind me of it forever... so might as well just SUCK IT UP!

So here goes, this is what happened...straight from the horses mouth...

After a long crappy and tiring day at the office, i decided to go out on this supposedly "blind date" for me fixed up by my friends from my previous building (they're desperate to see me "hooked", so for them New Engineer=New prospect for me). So we went to dinner (together with all my other friends ofcourse, they're our chaperons apparently: all 9 of them) ...had some drinks and finally decided to go out and sing.

There at the videoke place, they decided to play a game for the "couples", we should dance and whoever is the sweetest would get a cash prize...He's game, so i'm game's taxi money after all! We danced...and sleepy, tired, STUPID me...LEANED on him the whole time....*just threw up in my mouth*
And to top it all off, there are pictures to back it up and prevent me from pretending it never happened! Whooooo!

But as i said, I'm sucking it up! I don't know how long I'll be throwing up in my mouth everytime I remember this...BUT...I plead TEMPORARY MADNESS

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